TradeFairs Check List for Indian students seeking admission in U.K.

Check List for Indian students seeking admission in U.K.

  • Indian students are advised to choose UK Educational Institutions carefully and should note that it is not always possible to work out mutually beneficial transitional arrangements in case of any unforeseen adverse developments.
  • Students are advised to apply through Universities and Colleges Admissions Services for admission in the Universities in the U.K.  (
  • Students are advised to see the Register of Sponsors maintained by UK Border Agency to see if the University has Highly Trusted Sponsor Status (HTS).  If not, it is advised that students should not select that University.(
  • Universities that appear in the list of Russell Group of Universities and Universities UK are recommended for consideration by students.
  • Tuitions fees vary from university to university and depend on the course.
  • Students are advised to obtain proper student visa before joining the University/College.  They should also report before the commencement of the session.  Even a delay by one day is not encouraged by the University/College.
  • There are instances where non-refund of money by UK private colleges were reported to us when students changed the course for which they were initially admitted/colleges abruptly closed down. However, we found that the College rules and regulations explicitly mentioned the non-refund policy in their brochures. Further, we were informed that UK Department of education has no jurisdiction over private colleges as they are independent businesses and the dispute has to be resolved by the two parties within the framework of their contract.
  • Day-to-day living in UK is expensive. Students are advised to have sufficient funds with them for meeting expenses during their stay in UK.
  • The High Commission cannot provide any Protocol assistance to the National Overseas Scholarship awardees on their arrival in UK. The awardees have to make their own arrangements to reach their final destination in UK and to claim admissible bills in TA / DA later. Further, the monthly maintenance allowance only starts after the student establishes himself at his institution; the institution confirms the student’s enrolment and after the student opens bank account, etc. There is no provision of giving any cash amount on his arrival. The change of course for the awardees and extension of the period of tenure at the University is permissible only after sanction received from their parent Ministry. After completion of the course the awardees are requested to make their own bookings with Air India and High Commission will reimburse admissible amount.
  • It is advisable to check UK’s weather conditions so as to have appropriate clothing.
  • On arrival in the UK, use only licensed mini cabs or taxis to travel around at nights or preferably public transport. 
  • Indian students arriving in the UK are to register themselves with the High Commission of India, London.
  • Take care of passports and important documents, which may photo-copied or saved in a document.
  • Secure accommodation through reliable estate agents and choose to live in a safe area so as to avoid hate crime and racial discrimination or harassment or social problems.
  • Avoid travelling late at nights/ in desolate areas. Just in case you do, then make sure to keep a friend or a known person informed.
  • For any sort of emergency, contact the local police by dialling 999 from any telephone/ mobile.
  • Observe Rules and Laws of the country and abide by them accordingly.
  • Be vigilant at all times, especially when travelling out with friends and colleagues. Do not gather up in groups or gangs, be polite, courteous and respectable to people and avoid an argument.
  • Do not over indulge in alcohol, etc.
  • While at home or at a party noise levels should be kept down after 22 hrs.
  • On final departure to India, please do inform the High Commission.

Contact Point
Education Wing
High Commission of India
Tel. +44 20 7632 3063  e-mail id: education[dot]wing[at]hcilondon[dot]in

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