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For queries pertaining to passport, OCI, PIO, visa and consular, applicants are requested to contact the Public Response Unit

Public Response Unit
High Commission of India, London
Tel No.: 02086295950 (0930 to 1700 hrs on all working days)

Applicants are advised to mail details, as briefly and concise as possible, in the format as below:

1. Name of the applicant:

2. Contact details (With contact number and email id):

3. Subject: (Pl mention Passport, PIO, OCI, Visa, Media… whatever is relevant)

4. Brief description of the issue


Name of the Officer/Official



Shri.Y.K. Sinha

High Commissioner

Shri Dinesh K. Patnaik

Deputy High Commissioner

Shri Srinivas Gotru

Minister (Press Information & Culture)

Shri S. Ramesh

Minister (Consular)

Shri A. S. Rajan


Shri Pravindra Yadav

Minister (Audit)

Shri. Manish Singh

Minister (Economic)

Shri Saikat Sen Sharma

Counsellor (Economic)

Smt. Madhu Sethi

Counsellor(Political/International Organisations)

Shri Gyan Singh

Counsellor (Passport/PRU)

Smt. G.V. Nidhi


Shri Viswanath Singh Jadon

Counsellor (Audit)

Shri Amit Sharma

Counsellor (TAD)

Shri D P Singh

Counsellor (Public Diplomacy)

Brigadier VMB Krishnan, YSM

Military Adviser

Air Commodore Anil Sabharwal

Air Adviser

Commodore Sameer Saxena

Naval Adviser

Smt. T Ajungla Jamir

First Secretary (Co-ordination/CPIO/OCI/ Women in Distress Cell)

Shri Sunil Kumar

First Secretary (Head of Chancery / Protocol / P&M)

Shri Ramaswamy Balaji

First Secretary (Consular)


First Secretary (ITOU)

Shri Rahul Nangare

First Secretary (Trade)

Smt. Soumya Nair

Second Secretary(Political)

Dr. Aseem Vohra

Second Secretary (Public Diplomacy & Education)

Ms. Kiran Khatri

Second Secretary & Special Assistant to the High Commissioner

Shri R S Virdi

Second Secretary (P&I)

Smt. Reena Jain

Second Secretary/PPS

Shri Hari Krishan

Second Secretary/PPS

Shri Krishnendu Banerjee

Second Secretary(Political-II)

Shri Jagjit Singh

Second Secretary (Projects & Maintanance)

Shri Soumendra Mahapatra

Second Secretary (Visa)

Officers in The Nehru Centre

Name Designation E-mail

Shri Srinivas Gotru

Minister (Press Information & Culture)

Smt. Vibha Mehdiretta

Second Secretary (Culture)/ Deputy Director, The Nehru Centre

Jun 14, 2017
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