TradeFairs High Commissioner

High Commissioner

High Commission of India

India House, Aldwych, London, WC2B 4NA

Fax No: 00-44-(0) 20 7836 4331


Telephone No. : 00-44-(0) 7836 8484, After Office Hours : (0) 20-7632-3035

Applicants of Consular services are required to apply online only (for visa at for passport at for Consular Services at and for OCI at ) and submit, with prior online appointment, print of their applications along with requisite documentation, photos, passport, fees etc at the designated Service Centre (IVCSC) operated by M/s VF Service UK Ltd. For detailed information please visit Website of VFS . The High Commission of India in the UK has outsourced collection of applications and delivery of processed documents to M/s VF Services UK Ltd with effect from 2nd March 2015.

2. The High Commission conducts Open House at the High Commission of India, India House, Aldwych London WC2B 4NA on Wednesdays and last Friday of the month (except holidays). Applicants can visit between 1100-1300 hrs.

3. For general enquiries, please send email to: Applicants are advised to mail details, as briefly and concise as possible indicating their name, contacts, subject matter and brief description of the issue.

4. For other queries pertaining to Passport, OCI, PIO, Visa and Consular services, applicants are advised to see the Q & As at "Common Telephone Queries" at the website of the High Commission and/or contact the Public Response Unit.

Public Response Unit, High Commission of India, London


Tel No.: 02086295950 ( Between 0930 to 1700 hrs on all working days) 

Mobile Number for Emergency services: 00 44 (0) 7768 765 035

Name of the Officer/Official



Shri Y. K. Sinha

High Commissioner

Shri Dinesh K. Patnaik

Deputy High Commissioner

Shri Srinivas Gotru

Minister (Press Information & Culture)

Shri S. Ramesh

Minister (Consular)

Shri A. S. Rajan


Shri Manish Singh

Minister (Economic)

Shri Gyan Singh

Counsellor (Passport)

Smt. G. V. Nidhi

Counsellor/PSO to HC

Shri Saikat Sen Sharma

Counsellor (Commercial)

Smt. Madhu Sethi


Shri D P Singh

Counsellor (Consular)

Shri Amit Sharma

Counsellor (TAD)

Air Commodore Anil Sabharwal

Air Adviser

Brigadier VMB Krishnan

Military Adviser

Commodore Sameer Saxena

Naval Adviser

Smt. Ajungla Jamir

First Secretary (Political & Extradition)

Shri Sunil Kumar

First Secretary (Protocol, Diaspora) and Head of Chancery


Smt. Soumya Nair

First Secretary (Political and P&M )

Smt. Vishakha Yaduvanshi

First Secretary (Public Diplomacy, Economic & CPIO)

Shri Rahul Nangare

First Secretary (Trade)

Shri Ramaswamy Balaji

First Secretary (Political & Immigration)

Smt. Anima Barnwal

First Secretary (ITOU)

Smt. Kiran Khatri

Second Secretary (Economic & Special Assistant to the High Commissioner

Dr. Aseem Vohra

Second Secretary (Public Diplomacy & Education)

Smt. Reena Jain

Second Secretary/PPS to the Deputy High Commissioner

Shri R. S Virdi

Second Secretary (P&I)

Shri Jagjit Singh

Second Secretary (OCI, Protocol and P&M)

Shri Hari Krishan

Second Secretary/PPS

Shri Krishnendu Banerjee

Second Secretary(Political)

Shri Sandeep Kumar

Second Secretary/PPS to FS (HoC)

Shri Soumendra Mahapatra

Second Secretary (Visa)

Officers in The Nehru Centre




Shri Srinivas Gotru

Minister (Press Information & Culture)

Smt. Vibha Mehdiretta

Second Secretary (Culture)/ Deputy Director, The Nehru Centre

5. Assistance to Distressed Indian Women
    Distressed Women Cell
    Contact No.-02076323091
    E-mail Address -


Dec 8, 2016
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