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PM receives Deputy Prime Minister of the UK

August 25, 2014

The Prime Minister, Shri NarendraModi, today received Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Mr. Nick Clegg. Mr. Clegg was accompanied by UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Ed Davey.

During the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Clegg conveyed UK’s strong desire to further strengthen and deepen relations with India. Expressing deep appreciation for the ambitious goal of Indian’s economic and social transformation that the new government under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi had set, he conveyed the desire of the UK to work together with India in realising this goal.

The Prime Minister expressed appreciation for Prime Minister David Cameron’s personal interest and commitment to the India-UK relationship. He called for greater collaboration between India and UK in the areas of education, skills development, clean energy, infrastructure development, and cleaning of rivers.

Both sides also discussed international issues relating to WTO and climate change. On WTO, the Prime Minister reiterated India’s commitment to the understandings reached in Bali, including on Trade Facilitation. He expressed support for trade facilitation measures. He, however, emphasized the need to move forward simultaneously on all the agreements reached in Bali, including on food security, to address the interests of all sections of society, particularly the poor people.

The UK side conveyed their appreciation for the work done in Gujarat in the area of clean energy and preservation of environment. The Prime Minister said that this was a priority area for the Government. The Government planned to develop 500 model towns in India with facilities for solid waste management and waste water treatment. Further, the government wanted to develop all Himalayan States as “Organic States” which would also have environmental benefits. He also articulated his vision of creating mass participation in energy efficiency. The Prime Minister invited the UK to partner in these efforts. He also called upon the international community to take steps to provide clean technology to developing and under-developed countries at affordable prices.

Deputy Prime Minister Clegg reiterated Prime Minister Cameron’s invitation to the Prime Minister to visit the UK. The Prime Minister said that he looked forward to visiting the UK at the earliest convenience.

Aug 25, 2014
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