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Execution of Will/Gift Deed

Execution of Will/Gift Deed

For this service, applicants have to apply in Person only.Please note that for execution of a Will/Gift Deed, the applicant has to visit the High Commission in person and has to sign the Will/Gift Deedbefore the Consular Officer. A Will/Gift Deedcan be executed at the High Commission only if the same is to be produced in INDIA.


  1. Miscellaneous Application form dully filled in and signed by the applicant (for Miscellaneous Application Form, please visit the link 'Forms for Consular Services').
    1. In case of Indian Passport Holders: Valid passport in original and self-attested copies of first two and last two pages of the passport and the page (s) containing passport officer's observation (s) (if any).

    2. In case of Other Passport Holders: Valid passport in original and self-attested copies of the passport pages containing personal particulars of the passport holder.

  3. Proof of Residence: Any of the following self-attested documents viz. copy of utility bill (landline telephone bill/electricity bill/gas bill/water bill) or Driving License or lease deed (of residence) etc. where the applicant’s UK address is clearly mentioned, should be provided.

  4. Visa Status: Self-attested copy of passport page/UK Residence Permit Card showing the visa status should be enclosed.

  5. Will/Gift Deed Document: The Will/Gift Deed needs to be signed by the applicant before the Consular Officer. In addition, the Will/Gift Deed needs to be witnessed by two UK based individuals with their names, addresses and valid passport particulars (passport no., date of issue and place of issue) clearly mentioned in the Will/ Gift Deed. The witnesses to the Will/Gift Deed need to sign the Will/Gift Deed before the Consular Officer and they should not be amongst the beneficiaries of the Will/Gift Deed. The two UK based individuals need to produce their original passports at the time of signing before the Consular Officer and self-attested copies of their passport pages containing personal particulars need to be submitted along with the Will/Gift Deed. If the witnesses cannot come in person, notarised copies of their passports containing their signatures need to be submitted.The applicant/executant is also required to affix one passport size photograph on the last page of the Will/Gift Deed near the place of his/her signature and then make a photocopy of the Will/Gift Deed document for retention by the High Commission.

  6. Fee: £19.00 (payable either in cash or through crossed postal order drawn in favour of "High Commission of India, London". Please note that the fee is for each signature and stamp of the Consular Officer).

  7. Processing Time:Normally,Same Day/Next Working Day

Note:  The above are the general mandatory requirements. The applicant may be advised to submit some more documents, after scrutiny of the application and documents at the Consular Section, on case to case basis.

Jan 1, 2015
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