About Us International Day of Yoga - 21 June 2015

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IYD in Britain – Punjab Kesari

Peace and Harmony through the discipline of Yoga - HC's letter to The Telegraph

International Day of Yoga celebrated in the Uk - The Weekly Tribune

Bend it Like Modi - India sets two Yoga Day records

Yoga in India likely to get Rs 5 bn boost

Hundreds attend yoga session at Southbank to celebrate World Yoga Day

Lord Bilimoria leads first annual UN International Yoga Day Celebrations in Parliament

The truth behind becoming a yoga teacher

India yoga: PM Narendra Modi leads thousands in celebration

India bends it like Modi on first World Yoga Day

Millions celebrate world’s first Yoga Day

Nearly 36,000 People Set a Record In India for the World’s Biggest Yoga Session

Stretching the point: Not all Indians want to join Mr Modi on a yoga mat

Salute to the Sun

International Yoga Day; Millions of people bend and twist, in pictures

Mats are being laid as preparations begin for International Yoga day

लंदन में मनेगा पहला अंतरराष्ट्रीय योग दिवस

London to Celebrate First International Yoga Day

Rise and shine: how to celebrate the longest day of the year

House of Lords holds First Yoga session

IDY media coverage by Daily Mail

Come celebrate 1st UN International Day of Yoga

Grand First UN International Yoga Day at London's Alexandra Palac

21st June - International Day of Yoga

Indian embassy to organise yoga day in US on June 21

London to celebrate Yoga Day

London to celebrate First International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day: How yoga became a global phenomenon

My first adventure in yoga: less cobra, more corpse

Modi turns yogi as millions celebrate International Yoga Day

David Cameron sends in his greetings on International Yoga Day, says there's enthusiasm all over

Paul hails Modi for making International Yoga Day a success

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International Day of Yoga - 21 June 2015
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