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High Commissioner at inaugural Conference on Sustainable Development

The High Commissioner attended the inaugural Conference on Sustainable Development organized by Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development (OICSD) on July 13.  The Centre was set up with a mission to educate, innovate and collaborate on India's leading role in global sustainable growth and development.  

In his opening remarks at the session held in Blavatnik School of Government, the High Commissioner talked about the eminent Indians alumni of Somerville College, and commended the work of the Centre since its inception in 2013. He talked about the potential value of the impressive work of young Indian scholars at the college, doing inter-disciplinary research in critical areas of environment, nutrition security, clean energy and health care etc. He talked of the conventional wisdom in India regarding nutrition and environment. He stressed on the importance of growth and inclusive development for a country like India with its critical needs to be met on various fronts, a fact emphasised by India in various national and international forums. He also touched the theme of eradication of poverty, clean energy and skill and capability development in India. He further emphasised that the sustainable nutrition and environment are shared responsibilities, and that all are together in working towards these on ‘spaceship earth’. He exhorted the organisers of the conference to come up with specific pointers for India especially keeping in mind the political economic and especially social aspects of India.

The High Commissioner also presented a token of appreciation for the work of Somerville College to the Principal, Dr. Alice Prochaska

Jul 14, 2016
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